2023 Manheim Central Candidates
Brandon Hay for Manheim Central School Board
      Brandon Hay is a veteran who served a deployment with the United States Army in Iraq and earned a Purple Heart.
      He has settled in Manheim for the past 12 years, focusing his energy and service on his family and his community.
      He spent three years earning a four-year degree and understands the value of hard work and a solid education.
      He is a parent to a child in the district and believes that mental health is one of the most striking challenges facing today's students and teachers.
      His experience in the Army gives him a strong appreciation for service, dedication, and selflessness, and he will bring these values to the school board.
Dr. Elizabeth Valdez for Manheim Central School Board
      Dr. Elizabeth Valdez, a registered Independent who has been endorsed by the Manheim Central Democratic Committee, has over 20 years of experience working in schools as a mental health professional, with several of those years in Manheim Central School District.
      She has lived in Manheim for 20 years, is raising three children in the district, and is heavily involved in community organizations, including church and sports activities.
      Her work experience provides her with a deep understanding of how schools operate and gives her a pulse on the needs and challenges facing students and teachers.
      She believes having multiple voices at the table is essential to create lasting, positive, systemic change and growth.
Steven Gergely for Manheim Borough Council - 1st Ward
      Steven Gergely and his wife have lived in Manheim Borough for over 20 years.
      He is one of the owners of Harbor Engineering, a civil engineering and landscape architecture firm located in the Borough.
      Until recently, he was also the President of the Chiques Creek Watershed Alliance for several years.
      His two children are enrolled in the Manheim Central School District.
      He is looking to join Manheim Borough Council to continue to make progress in the Borough by maintaining and improving our infrastructure and parks, developing stream corridor enhancements, encouraging a multitude of recreational opportunities, and working to maintain a business-friendly environment.
      His work experience in land planning provides him with an in-depth understanding of local government.